Class Reviews

My daughter had so much fun at the Babies On The MOVE session!  It was the perfect forum to meet other moms and get answers to the many questions I've had about her development.

I first decided to bring Emmy to the classes for two see how Emmy interacted with other babies (she is the first in the family and she had not seen many babies at all yet) and also to see if I could meet some mom friends since we only moved to NC a year ago.  Emmy truly seemed to enjoy the classes.  She liked seeing the babies and the parents too.  Not only did we get to accomplish the social goals that I set out, but I learned something new at each class.  I was happy to learn how to help Emmy develop physically and start to move.  Every class offered a new tip or trick to get Emmy into the position that she needed in order to progress her development.  I specifically remember when she was finally ok with tummy time, but just would not get up onto her hands and knees at all.  Well, you provided tips on how to lift her hips up so that she could get into the crawling position.  That worked great!  Emmy is now a crawling machine and she is constantly pulling herself up on furniture and cruising along.  Walking will be next! I also found it so helpful that you discussed toys and what "equipment" to use or not use (i.e. the exersaucer and bumbo seat).  I took your advice on what to use and what to stay away from.  I also got to see which of the toys Emmy was interested in at each stage.  Thanks to you, Emmy has the o-ball and a play table since I saw that she was really interested in both of them.

As a first-time father, I wanted to be informed and feel comfortable about my own parenting. I knew that Jane would develop fairly well, and the pediatrician was confident about Jane's growth also. Attending some of the mini mover classes was a great way to become more informed, dispel myths, and socialize with Jane and other parents. 

Rachel and Becca were welcoming of having a father in the group, and never created confusion or left unanswered questions. I'm also very pleased that having the added consult helped Deanna and I sort through motor development without feeling overwhelmed or guilty. Jane has made appropriate progress, and seems very happy when she succeeds at practicing movement. I feel it was an overall great socialization for the family and good information to develop our parenting. 



Jane was born at 34 weeks growth restricted. She was a tiny 4 lbs and stayed in the NICU for 3 weeks until she was able to come home. We were prepared for her to develop at a slower rate than her peers. At our first meeting, she was not able to roll from tummy to back. At our second meeting she was still not rolling and not sitting up unassisted. As a new mom, I felt like I needed to prepare myself for physical therapy. Becca and Rachel were so helpful in helping me feel secure in Jane's development and they assured me that I was doing the right things. I asked questions about how to encourage her to roll. I was taught how to help her sit up from a side position. Becca and Rachel assured me that we didn't need to purchase expensive equipment or toys, but that Jane was on her own time table.

Jane had an explosion of growth and development. She got her first teeth, learned to roll over and crawl from her 6th to 7th month. Babies on the MOVE helps us to know what to expect developmentally and gives Jane time to interact with others who are near her age.



I was so excited to see in my local moms group that two physical therapist were offering a ‘Babies on the Move’ class.  As a first time mom I had tons of questions about my baby's mobility and fears that he wouldn’t hit milestones in development.  Like most babies, my son hated tummy time.  After going to the first class, I learned that there are different ways to incorporate tummy time besides the traditional laying your baby on a play mat and listening to them cry. I learned how important it is for a baby to build a strong core.  I returned to the next class and my son was already starting to roll over.  Rachel and Rebecca taught me how to help my son roll if he got stuck half way through.  The next class my son was already starting to sit up so I learned how to place some of the larger toys I had that made noise on the floor so I could sit him in front of them and he could lean in and reach for things.  I really think that this class changed things for my baby.  He loved sitting and playing with his activity center and 2-3 weeks after this class he was literally on the move…he started to crawl.  I feel like the 4 classes I attended put him ahead of the curve, at 9 months and 6 days he is standing and walking with very little assistance.  I am so appreciative for everything I learned and highly recommend these classes.  



Thank you for taking the time to visit our TAPS group and sharing ways to help our babies enjoy moving.  I found your program very informative, and feel like I have a better understanding of how I can help my baby grow stronger and reach milestones in a way that also helps her posture and doesn't stress her out too much.  Watching the difference in confidence in our group when it comes to playing with our babies following your visit has been amazing.  I sincerely hope that future TAPS groups will also benefit from your knowledge.



As a first time mother, what brought me to Babies On The MOVE was a desire to learn how to play with my child in a way that encouraged development of her gross motor skills, but was also a fun way to set a precedent for learning together. Willa started rolling over at 5 months and sitting up at 8 months, but by 9 months she still wasn't crawling while many of her peers were standing, or even walking. She was extremely observant, but didn't really seem very motivated to actively participate in play. At 9 months we attended our first BOTM session and Willa had a blast. She enjoyed interacting with her classmates which was wonderful to see, and I felt more at ease about Willa's development after talking to Becca, Rachel, and the other parents. By the end of the first series Willa was starting to crawl and was feeling much more confident in her movement, so we signed up for another series. They did an assessment and felt that Willa's hips seemed to need strengthening, so they recommended a pair of special shorts that would help. They absolutely did, and after wearing them for a few weeks Willa stood for the first time on her own. Willa still has a way to go before walking on her own, but she loves coming to class, continues to progress, and seems a little more brave after each session. We plan on signing up for another series as Willa continues to strengthen her skills. We are grateful to Becca and Rachel for their insight and warmth and for offering an environment for parents like myself to learn from experts in their field. It has a been a wonderful experience for our family.



Babies on the Move has been such a great experience for our family. Sydney is our first child and I’m sure as most first time parents we fly by the seat of our pants. Even with my ABA background and understanding of developmental milestones, I was in uncharted territory when it came to helping Sydney with her motor development. Rebecca and Rachel do such a great job, explaining and training the parents on how to help their children develop their mobility while having fun at the same time. Each month Sydney seemed to be emerging into the next motor milestone, and after going to class and working with Rebecca and Rachel she developed more confidence in her ability to meet those milestones. It was just incredible to see. They also helped my husband and I feel more confident and capable with our ability to help Sydney grow. We would recommend these classes to every parent, first time or veterans!



Babies on the Move is a unique and empowering class for parents. As a third time mom I still had lots to learn! I was curious why my son was progressing slower in his gross motor skills than my older children and during the class learned simple steps to take to give him more opportunities to move as well as specific techniques to help him get to his next milestone. Becca and Rachel are such a valuable resource for our community!