In-Home Pediatric Physical Therapy

Babies On The MOVE provides expert pediatric physical therapy services for infants and children in the comfort and privacy of your home. Our therapists help your child improve her strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility to achieve new gross motor skills and allow her to safely participate in her environment. Working directly with you, we will evaluate your child's needs and develop a plan of care to help your child attain new skills and meet your developmental goals. We believe that all parents should feel empowered to help their child succeed. With this in mind, our services not only focus on delivering excellent individualized care, but also ensuring that parents feel comfortable understanding the goals and techniques of therapy and carrying out a home program. Physical therapy services with Babies On The MOVE are carried out in each child's natural environment.


Benefits of in-home services

  • Improved comfort for you and your child
  • Flexibility to provide services in your home, outdoors, or at your local playground
  • Decreased exposure for very young or sick infants
  • Services are provided in your natural environment where your child will be performing skills on a daily basis
  • Assistance setting up your home environment to foster your child's motor development

physical therapist qualifications

Physical therapists have extensive education and opportunities for specialization in their field. School studies include but are not limited to the areas of anatomy, motor control, neuroscience, neurologic, musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary and integumentary systems and disorders, gait and biomechanics, and psychosocial aspects of care. The therapy team at Babies On The MOVE are licensed physical therapists in the state of North Carolina and received doctorate level degrees in physical therapy (DPT) from Duke University Medical School. Both Rebecca and Rachel practice full time in the area of pediatrics and are board certified pediatric clinical specialists by the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialists. 



common conditions treated

Physical therapy may be right for your child if he or she has a history of disease or illness, has suffered an injury, or shows difficulty or delay in attaining new motor skills. Some common diagnoses treated by our therapists include (but not limited to):

  • Torticollis
  • Developmental Delay
  • Prematurity
  • Hypotonia
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Down Syndrome
  • Genetic conditions
  • Neuromuscular conditions

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