Feature Baby: Jane Marie

It's time to showcase another one of our adorable babies!  This time, we want to highlight the journey of Jane Marie.  

Jane was born at 34 weeks growth restricted.  She was a tiny 4 pounds and stayed in the NICU for 3 weeks until she was able to go home.  Her parents, Kenneth and Deanna, were prepared for her to develop at a slower rate than her peers and were told that there was a possibility that she would need Physical Therapy.  They were proactive and signed up for our MINI MOVERS series of classes then continued on with MASTER MOVERS classes as she grew.  At the first class, she did a great job with tummy time, but her parents were concerned that she was not able to roll from her tummy to her back yet.  One month later, she was lifting her head to help with rolling and sitting well with support, but her parents were concerned that she was still not rolling and she was not sitting up by herself.  Despite their concerns, they knew that Jane's determined spirit would help her get where she needed to be developmentally.  Then, Jane had an explosion of growth and development where she learned how to roll over, sit by herself, and crawl!  We were very impressed with how great Jane's motor skills looked!  She was no longer moving along her own curve, she was a true MASTER MOVER!  Jane was able to avoid needing Physical Therapy and is a thriving, active little MOVER!    

2016-08-27 JaneMarie Crawls Comp.jpg

We asked Deanna and Kenneth to share their experiences with Babies On The MOVE classes, and here's what they had to say:

"Becca and Rachel were so helpful in helping me feel secure in Jane's development and they assured me that I was doing the right things.  I asked questions about how to encourage her to roll.  I was taught how to help her sit up from a side position.  Becca and Rachel assured me that we didn't need to purchase expensive equipment or toys, but that Jane was on her own time table.  Babies On The MOVE helps us to know what to expect developmentally and gives Jane time to interact with others who are near her age."  

- Deanna

"As a first-time father, I wanted to be informed and feel comfortable about my own parenting. I knew that Jane would develop fairly well, and the pediatrician was confident about Jane's growth also. Attending some of the MINI MOVER classes was a great way to become more informed, dispel myths, and socialize with Jane and other parents. Rachel and Becca were welcoming of having a father in the group, and never created confusion or left unanswered questions. I'm also very pleased that having the added consult helped Deanna and I sort through motor development without feeling overwhelmed or guilty. Jane has made appropriate progress, and seems very happy when she succeeds at practicing movement. I feel it was an overall great socialization for the family and good information to develop our parenting."  

- Kenneth

Thank you Deanna and Kenneth for sharing your experiences.  We have a passion for helping parents confidently guide their children on the path of early movement success!  We have enjoyed watching Jane blossom into the active little girl that she is and can't wait to see her taking her first steps!!