Babies On The MOVE at Stroller Strides

We really enjoyed heading out to the Apex Community Park last month to join with Fit4Mom at a Stroller Strides class!  We provided a free demonstration of our Babies On The MOVE baby movement classes to the class participants.  It was a beautiful day at the park.  We spread out some blankets in the shade, got the babies out of the strollers, and got down on the blankets to play!  It's a great idea for parents to bring along a blanket on outings so you can get your baby out of their car seat or stroller and get them down on the ground to play and use their muscles!  The babies were a range of ages, so participants were able to learn tricks for helping their little one progress to the next motor milestones from early tummy time experiences to standing and cruising!  Thanks Fit4Mom for having us out to provide a free demonstration to your participants!