Welcome to Babies On The MOVE

Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to check out Babies On The MOVE and our classes for babies and parents in Morrisville. Rachel and I are pediatric physical therapists and moms with a passion for helping babies develop and grow. Years ago, while we were PT students together at Duke University, we would joke that someday we would start a practice together. After school Rachel moved to Atlanta and I headed back to Chicago where we each worked in large pediatric hospitals, started our families, and continued to keep in touch. Eventually, we made our way back to the Triangle where we could be closer to family and start new chapters in our lives. These days, Rachel and I work at Duke University, chase after a total of 5 kids under 5, and teach classes at Babies On The MOVE.


BOTM first popped into my head as an idea after hearing parent after parent telling me in therapy that they wished they had this information sooner in order to help their baby develop. With so many websites and Facebook groups out there now, it seems like this info  might be all over your radar as a new parent.  But when I really started to think about it, the only thing on my radar at first was sleep, feed, sleep, doctor's visits, and sleep.  Even as a pediatric therapist, it was sometimes hard to think about what my baby should be doing developmentally when there were so many other things to think about each day. Rachel and I have developed BOTM to educate and empower parents to confidently help their baby develop his or her motor skills. These baby classes are built to help parents of newborns to infants taking their first steps, and everyone in between. Almost 10 years after Rachel and I threw around the idea of starting a business together, Babies On The MOVE was born. We are so excited about this new journey. We hope you will let us share our knowledge with you during your own journey with your baby...there is so much to learn along the way.